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Citation Needed

Apr 28, 2021

Louis Jay Pearlman (June 19, 1954 – August 19, 2016) was an American record producer. He was the creator of successful 1990s boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. In 2006, he was accused of running one of the largest and longest-running Ponzi schemes in US history, leaving more than $300 million in debts. After...

Apr 21, 2021

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin[a] (9 March 1934 – 27 March 1968) was a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut who became the first human to journey into outer space, achieving a major milestone in the Space Race; his capsule, Vostok 1, completed one orbit of Earth on 12 April 1961. Gagarin became an international celebrity and was...

Apr 14, 2021

"The Death of Superman" is a crossover story event featured in DC ComicsSuperman-related publications. The crossover, which originated from editor Mike Carlin and writers Dan JurgensRoger SternLouise SimonsonJerry Ordway, and Karl Kesel, began in December 1992 and lasted until October 1993. It was published in 

Apr 7, 2021

Vantablack is a material developed by Surrey NanoSystems in the United Kingdom and is one of the darkest substances known, absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light (at 663 nm if the light is perpendicular to the material).[4]